Some quick facts about loss prevention

by Karter Hall on March 31, 2021


2,700,000        Number of people who shoplift in Canada at least once per year     

200,000           Average number of people caught shoplifting in the last year          

25%                 Percent of shoplifters who are kids

3%                   Percent of shoplifters who are considered "professionals"    

72%                 Percent of shoplifting incidents that were not planned in advance

$1.3 Billion     Total amount stolen from Canadian retailers each year        

50/50               There is no rate of difference between males and females


What do these facts mean for your business?


1.44%              Average percentage loss due to shoplifting

$5,760             Average annual dollar loss per store due to shoplifting


This means there are significant cost savings to be found by investing in EAS equipment.


An $1,895 investment in an EAS system can cut shoplifting by 70%. That means for an average store $2,137 in savings in the first year alone. Over eight years the average store would save $30,361. That is a 16x return on investment.

However, many retailers are unsure of how to start. That is why INEO offers the Flashgate EAS System - Starter Package. In this package, is everything you need to stop shoplifters in their tracks. It comes with: one Flashgate Clarity system, 1000 EAS labels, 1000 security tags and deactivators for the tags and labels.


Invest in your business, buy INEO.