Provent Technologies Corporation was founded in 2004 to provide retailers an alternative provider of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems. At the time, the market for anti-shoplifting technology was dominated by a few multinational companies, making solutions designed to be good enough for a large variety of retailers but this approach meant good enough didn't work well in most individual store locations. A one size fits all mentality meant having to take what was being sold with very little options and very little recourse if the unit didn't work properly. Provent immediately changed this with a customized approach to fit the best system to the right retail location and provide exceptional followup service to the customer. Provent was very successful and over the following years sold systems and supplies to over 1,600 retail locations in Western Canada.

In 2016 Provent was purchased by Flashgate Technology Inc. and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Flashgate. This business combination came as a result of the need for ongoing innovation in the EAS or anti-theft business. Flashgate has been producing some of the most innovative technology in the whole world for the Electronic Article Surveillance business and now Provent has access to this technology to sell to retailers across Canada. An example of this is the Flashgate Clarity EAS system which utilizes the market leading A208 detection circuit board. This system is available in nine different frequencies allowing Provent to sell a customized version depending on who or where the retailer is and what their merchandise protection needs are. The Flashgate Clarity has quickly become a Canadian best seller based on Flashgate's technology and Provent's commitment to the customer.

In 2019 Flashgate changed its Operating name to INEO Solutions INC.

INEO is now truly national with sales across all of Canada. INEO sells via the Provent website or via personalized service from one of our dedicated sales representatives over the phone or email. Which ever way customers wish to interact with INEO, the Company will be there for the customer. As much as INEO has grown to be one of Canada's largest independent providers of EAS products, the Company will never want to stray far from its core principles of delivering personalized service to each and every customer.