How INEO Can Up Your Advertising Game

by Brandon Viljoen on March 24, 2022

INEO supplies the ability to advertise with confidence while gathering meaningful insights with targeted messages to refine your ROI and Customer Lifetime Value. 

Leverage the power of INEO’s technology and data to deliver impactful advertising for your brand. INEO drives engagement between consumers and brands at the entrance of the retail store. Brands working with INEO get to deliver their message when it matters and to whom it matters. 

  • Expand your addressable market by understanding customer demographics and patterns 
  • Retail customers use INEO data to expand their understanding of customers beyond their doors 
  • INEO delivers critical insights to advertising brands to help them identify trends, quantify the impact of their advertising, and identify areas of opportunity 

The INEO Welcoming Pedestal. 

One of the most powerful features that advertisers will notice with the INEO Pedestal is its ability to deliver customers a Brand Positive image with the first thing they see when they enter the store. 

Along with advertising, the INEO Pedestal offers a cloud dashboard that allows traffic count, alarm events, the health of the system, and more from your desktop or mobile phone. An additional benefit is Integrated Loss Prevention with video capture of alarm events and real-time notifications to mobile devices. 

The INEO G.A.T.E. 

The INEO GATE offers retailers the ability to brand and customize the front-end EAS systems that are typically an eyesore with wraps that fit the environment they are placed in. Along with being one of the most powerful EAS systems on the market, the INEO GATE allows store owners to target branding throughout the retail space while still having peace of mind that areas are protected with a security system, a good-looking one at that. 

The INEO Clarity. 

INEO Clarity is the system for retailers interested in a very discreet EAS system that still does its main job at protecting the store from theft. With its transparent design, the INEO Clarity fits in any environment with its amazingly straightforward design while still looking elegant in its simplicity. Above everything the INEO Clarity offers, one of the best features about the Clarity is how simple it is to install, simply set it into a place where you need it and plug it into any outlet. 

INEO offers starter packs that include giving a retail store everything they need to enter the ownership of a state-of-the-art Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system. The package includes the market leading INEO Clarity EAS system as well as an assortment of the most popular tags and labels. If interested in any of our EAS systems, please contact Amit at apannu@ineosolutionsinc.com or give us a call on 1-833-244-1995.