Why Do Shoplifters Target These 5 Items Most?

by Marina Bridal on March 15, 2023

Shoplifting is a serious problem that affects retailers and consumers alike. Not only does it cost businesses billions of dollars each year, but it also leads to higher prices for honest customers. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 most commonly shoplifted items and why they are being targeted by thieves.



Alcohol is one of the most commonly shoplifted items in the world. There are many reasons why. For one, alcohol is expensive, and many people simply cannot afford/do not want to pay for it. Additionally, it is easy to conceal and transport, making it relatively easy to steal. Alcohol is also a highly desirable item on the black market and can be resold for a high profit.


Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Cosmetics and beauty products are also commonly shoplifted items. These products are expensive and in high demand, making them a prime target for thieves. Additionally, they are often small and easy to conceal, making it easy for a shoplifter to slip them into their pocket or purse. Finally, cosmetics and beauty products are often sold in limited editions or seasonal collections, making them even more valuable to collectors and resellers. These items are also usually sold in areas with low supervision and no security tags.



Clothing is another commonly shoplifted item. Clothing is expensive, and high-end fashion brands are often targeted by shoplifters. Clothing is easy to sneak out of stores as most thieves layer the stolen items under their own clothing in fitting rooms. Clothing items can be worth quite a bit and are usually pretty easy to sell.



Electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and high-end headphones or speakers are also commonly shoplifted. These expensive items are easy to resell and retain their value even for resale. This makes any electronic product a desirable target for a shoplifter looking to make a profit. 


Food and Groceries

Some people assume that shoplifters are only interested in expensive luxury items to resell. However, food and groceries are expensive right now, and many people struggle to afford basic necessities. With costs rising due to inflation (and other people shoplifting) desperate people are willing to take the risk of shoplifting in order to feed themselves or their families. Food is essential to survival and therefore renders it to be a common target for shoplifting.



In conclusion, shoplifting is a serious problem that affects both retailers and consumers. The top 5 most commonly shoplifted items are liquor, cosmetics and beauty products, clothing, electronics, and food and groceries. These items can be expensive and easy to conceal, making them attractive targets for shoplifters. It is important for retailers to take steps to prevent shoplifting, such as installing security cameras, protecting their items with security tags and labels, and training their staff to identify suspicious behavior. 

Additionally, it is important for consumers to be aware of the impact that shoplifting has on businesses and to make ethical purchasing decisions. Together, we can work to reduce shoplifting and create a safer, more ethical retail environment.