Essential Security Tags for Summer

by Liam Byrne on April 18, 2022

The bees are buzzing, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining, all signs that summer is around the corner. With summer arriving shortly now is the time to convert your inventory to your summer collection. It is also time to review your EAS needs.   

Summer is the peak purchasing season for sunglasses. It is also peak stealing season for them. Sunglasses are among a thief’s favorite items to steal. They are small, small, simple to conceal, and easy to sell on the black market. This means it is vital to protect them in some way. Luckily, there are a variety of EAS security tags and labels that can protect your sunglasses. 

Eyeglass / Jewelry labels White (500/roll, 8.2MHz)

Eyeglass labels are a great option for lower value eyeglasses. They are very easy to put on the item, and can be easily removed with scissors. The label will trigger your EAS system to alert you if someone attempts to steal the item. However, since the label can be removed somewhat easily. For more expensive eyeglasses, going with a different type of tag or label may be a better fit. 

Eyeglass tags RF 8.2 MHz Light Grey Pack of 100Large eyeglass tags are the next step up from eyeglass labels. This tag is still very easy to put on the product, but can only be removed with a magnet detacher. This makes it much more difficult for the thieves to remove the tag. The thief's inability to remove the tag drastically decreases their likelihood of attempting to steal the item. As when the tag is brought within the vicinity of an EAS gate, the system will alarm, and the product will be of zero value on the resale market with the tag still on. 

Pinless White Eyeglass Tag (8.2MHz, White)Small eyeglass tags are the best option for your expensive glasses products. their small and sleek design takes up less space on the product, allowing the customer to have a better experience when handling the product. These tags can only be detached with a special screwdriver detacher as well. The supply of these detachers is heavily controlled making it impossible for thieves to detach this type of tag. 

The INEO Optical Store Security Starter Package includes some of the most popular eyeglass tags our customers use. It comes with one INEO Clarity RF gate, 500 white eyeglass labels, 300 white RF eyeglass tags, the Optical Hand Eyeglass Detacher, and a tempered glass RF label deactivator pad. All these tags are available in one convenient package for you to start protecting your sunglasses, and eyeglass stock. 

The start of summer also means the start of sports season. Sports equipment can be among the most valuable items a store stocks making it target number one for thieves. Some of the items’ thieves love to steal include golf clubs, fishing rods, bats and tennis rackets. These items are high priced and are easy to sell on the black market. Since these items are so expensive just protecting one or two can pay off the cost of buying EAS tags to protect them all. Two tags that can protect these items are the bat tag and the golf club tag. 

GOLF CLUB SECURITY TAG FOR ANTI SHOPLIFTING SOLUTIONS, HANDLE PLACEMENT. AVAILABLE IN RF8.2MHZ AND AM58KHZBat tags are the more versatile of the two options available. They can be used to protect everything from sporting goods, such as tennis racquets, fishing rods, and softball bats, or golf clubs. The tag works by enclosing the handle of the item, or the narrowest part of the product. With its large appearance, it is very noticeable to thieves and provides a string visual deterrence to a thief. GOLF CLUB SECURITY TAG FOR ANTI SHOPLIFTING SOLUTIONS, Mid Shaft PLACEMENT. AVAILABLE IN RF8.2MHZ AND AM58KHZIn comparison to the many uses of a bat tag, the mid-shaft golf club tag is designed for golf clubs. This design allows it to sit tightly on the mid-shaft of the club. This tag is quite small, and takes up less space on the product, thus, interfering less with how the clubs are stored in your store, and interfering less with the customer's experience.