How One Tag Can Have Multiple Uses

by Brandon Viljoen on April 22, 2022

When it comes to electronic article surveillance, people most often associate security tags with protecting clothing from theft. And its true, in the past, apparel protection was indeed a popular use for security tags. But over the years the design and technology of security tags have extended to encompass far more than just clothing, now they can be applied to bottle tops, eyewear, electronics, fashion accessories and so much more. So, let’s look to the other uses for security tags and how they’ve come to protect far more than apparel.  

When you stop and think about what type of security tag is best for the products you are trying to protect; the answer may not be as one-dimensional as you may think. One tag would fit into this category very well would be the 8.2 MHz bottle tag. This tag's original design and purpose were to be a secure way to protect glass bottles such as ones in liquor stores or supermarkets. The thing is, this tag can protect so much more.   

A couple of examples of where this tag would also do an amazing job are on products such as tools like Hammers, Screw Drivers, Wrenches, and even certain Drills. Sporting goods like Fishing Poles, Skateboards, Scooters, and Bikes along with an assortment of accessories for all those products would also make great candidates to attach bottle tags. The design of the bottle tags allows you to be creative with how you want to use them. They may have a bottle in the name but that does not limit you as a store owner to only use tags as they are labeled. The truth is, A tag such as Bottle Tags are able to be used in many ways.  

Bottle Tags are just one example of this, there are many more tags that can be used for multiple purposes outside of what they were originally intended for. Here is another example for you, Mini square black tags. These tags have the intended purpose of being used on products like clothing but what is stopping you from using them on things like shoes, bags, or even sporting equipment? Nothing, that’s what! The flat design along with using a pin as the source of attachment makes the mini square tag perfect for a security tag on items people would like to try on and not have something interfering with that.  

The list of tags that can be used in a wide variety outside of their intended design is staggering and the only real limiting factor is your own imagination. That being said, if you would like help on what tag best suits your needs feel free to reach out to apannu@ineosolutionsinc.com or call +1 949-409-7200 to get all your questions answered and set up for success in protecting your retail space.