Security Cameras, Artificial Intelligence and Crime

by Daniel Newman on April 27, 2022

With the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), is it time for the Canadian government to relax our rights to privacy in private retail locations? Over the last decade television shows like CSI and movies have overstated what could be done with the video camera feeds. Perhaps some of what was shown could be done but for many operations the financial commitment made it prohibitive. Many Canadian big box corporations are not at all interested in using current technology as our privacy rules discourage companies from exercising the full utilization of their security cameras... 

Many countries are using facial recognition software to help prevent crime. Casinos in the United States of America use many of their mission critical security cameras to analyze patron’s as they enter the building. This allows security staff to quickly react and mitigate losses to the casino. This technology also helps the customer service team be more attentive to those who are more likely to cause trouble, as they enter unannounced. Airports and other major transportation facilities throughout the world also use facial recognition software to help with security. This technology allows authorities to quickly flag individuals who are of interest. Same as the casino using the software with customer service these facilities track lost children and people with mental and physical disabilities. EG dementia patients. 

INEO Solutions Inc. has fostered strong relationships with some of the most well-known big box stores in the past decade. Many general managers of these stores have shown interest, in the future, in utilizing facial recognition to its fullest capacity within their store. Many stores across Canada already use video camera surveillance to monitor for loss prevention events, and any other events of-note. With modern technology, cameras can be programmed to record when motion is detected or used in tandem with EAS systems to capture an alarm event. For most Canadians, it is widely known and accepted that stores use security cameras to protect their assets and products. Making security infrastructure more efficient also comes with ensuring legislation can keep up with the pace of the technology being developed.  

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