The Great Benefits of Security Tags

by Brandon Viljoen on March 16, 2022

Affordability – Able to be purchased in bulk for a low price, security tags provide an obvious cost-effective solution for retailers. When related to the amount of money that you could potentially lose through theft, then the overall layout of a security system will seem extraordinarily little in comparison. INEO offers everything you could need to ensure your retail space is properly protected. 


Quick and easy to use – As part of the excellent features of a security tag is, they are amazingly simple to fix onto a wide range of items, but extremely difficult to remove without a deactivator. Tags such as ink tags will ruin the product they are attached to when tampered with, or improperly removed. This is a benefit denial technique since the item will be physically damaged, and unsellable on any resale market. 


Easy to deactivate – A deactivator can remove a security tag in seconds, cutting down on the time in which your customers need to wait for their products. Different security tags may need different deactivators  


Provides retailers with some peace of mind – The last thing you want to worry about is yet another aspect of your already-busy job. With security tags accessories, you and your staff will also be reassured that they are shopping in an environment that is not likely to be infiltrated. 


Reliability – Security tags are extremely strong and durable and cannot simply be removed without using a deactivator. Thankfully, various types of security tags and devices will only set the alarm if tampered with or taken through an EAS system such as the INEO Clarity, Gate, or Pedestal. This way no surprises will sound throughout the day, nor (due to the nature of the EAS systems) will the tags not work when they are taken through. 


Three Types of EAS Systems 


Radio Frequency (RF) Systems 

RF systems work by installing an antenna at the store entrance/exit which creates a narrow, low-frequency, electro-magnetic radio field around itself. When a tag or label enters this field, it causes the antenna to alarm. The systems are offered in a variety of frequencies in the RF spectrum with 8.2MHz being the most popular. Other frequencies are 1.81, 1.95, 2.0, 3.25 and 4.7. 

Some of the best antennas on the market are the INEO Gate, Clarity, and the Welcoming Pedestal. Each offers its style to suit any environment while providing security for any retail space. 

Acoustic Magnetic (AM) Systems 

AM EAS works like the RF EAS System, but when the tag or label enters the field, it vibrates. It is this vibration that generates a signal that is picked up by the antenna. AM systems use a 58KHz frequency and are a nice option in environments that have a lot of radio noise from other sources.  

Electro-Magnetic (EM) Systems 

EM EAS System also works in a manner like the RF EAS System but uses a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum to communicate. The transmitting antenna sends a signal at a specific frequency and the receiving antenna waits and listens for a tag of a specific frequency to enter the range of detection. If an active tag comes into the range of detection, it sends a signal to the receiving antenna which identifies a different frequency and sounds the alarm. 


INEO offers all three types of EAS security systems from various manufacturers, in different price ranges, and with many different feature sets. We would be pleased to review your merchandising approach and your store layout with you and give our recommendation of which system will work best for your store. Feel free to contact apannu@ineosolutionsinc.com for more information or would like to connect with INEO to set you up with security solutions. All products can also be found on www.ineoproducts.com and feel free to stop on by www.ineosolutionsinc.com for more information on Digital Out-Of-Home advertising on the INEO Welcoming System and the INEO Media Network. 


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