The Shift to Video Marketing

by Brandon Viljoen on March 09, 2022

By: Brandon Viljoen

As a designer and content creator in the retail space, there is a massive shift in terms of advertising. There is a need for a greater focus on video marketing. Movement in an ad, along with a great message, can make a greater r impression on viewers compared to a static image. Video ads have a more captivating element to them – movement. This sets video ads and video content apart from static images and posts. Video content can generate more unique content interactions, especially in the DOOH space. According to research commissioned by Clear Channel, "consumer response was 18% when stimulated by relevant content in DOOH marketing campaigns.” This can lead to a 17% increase in ad recall, which has the possibility to deliver a 16% increase in sales uplift. 

Consuming short bursts of content has great impressions on people. When looking at apps like Vine, when that was initially released, and now TikTok, video content is king. Users love the idea of being able to consume some sort of content in a small window of time. Combining the right message, and visuals, video marketing can have the same, lasting effect as watching a piece of short-form content. 

Video marketing can also translate into shoppable videos including any video content with products embedded or linked in the video. With the rise of influencer marketing, shoppable videos have become an effective way for businesses to get their products in front of customers. Social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, all have forms of shoppable video content integrations.  

Video dominates on social media, particularly if that video is posted natively on the platform. Since videos tend to keep people on social media platforms longer than other forms of posts (like text or static photos), the channel’s algorithms Favor video content over photos or text posts, in the case of Facebook, specifically. With that in mind, cross-platform video posts are a key part of helping your brand succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape. 


INEO is shifting to video ads for retailers on Welcoming Systems. With hundreds of locations and screens to advertise on in North America, do not miss the opportunity to advertise in front of thousands of people daily when partnering with us. To learn more about our advertising plan and how INEO can boost your marketing efforts, reach out to FHalbach@ineosolutionsinc.com.