The Six Hidden Benefits of EAS

by Karter Hall on March 13, 2022

When we talk about Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), the main topic is reducing theft.  

But EAS can also create a better customer experience, can make the store safer and enhance staff productivity.  

The customer experience 

In this day and age, the “customer experience” allows retail stores to flex their strengths. A great customer experience allows a hands-on approach to the buyer allowing them to touch and feel the products.   

EAS helps the retailer have a sense of security as they showcase their items in an open environment without the fear of their wares being stolen.  

With discreet tags and labels customers can interact with products freely while the staff can concentrate on selling rather than watching out for shoplifters.  

Open display of stock 

EAS allows the open display of high-value products without the need for a lockable cabinet or display space. While this could be frightening for a store owner to do EAS always has the upper hand on potential thieves. Each of these open display items can be equipped with a security tag or label to prevent the theft of an item that could potentially be taken out of the store and resold.  

Staff productivity 

A huge benefit of EAS is that the staff is alerted by the sound of an alarm when there is a potential theft. This allows store owners and staff to focus on other tasks at hand rather than always keeping an eye out for potential thieves.  

Product Stock Consistencies 

When items get stolen, store owners can lose count of their stock. EAS helps reduce inconsistencies in stock by ensuring the product is available.  

Improved store safety 

The store environment can feel safer. With an EAS system in place shoplifter will stray away from targeting stores but can also catch them in the middle of an attempted theft.  

Easy to operate 

EAS systems are very simple to use. Once they have been installed the antennas run 24/7 and require little maintenance. 

Simply attach a security tag or label to the product and you are good to go. If a thief were to take an item past your EAS system the alarm would sound and you would be alerted.  

Tags and labels can easily be detached or deactivated at the Point of Sale as part of the sales transaction. 

The final word 

EAS is renowned for being one of the most effective methods in loss prevention. Employing EAS and loss prevention techniques also improve store safety, allows staff to focus on other tasks and overall improves customer experience.  

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