19mm x 65mm Transparent Security Labels (RF 8.2MHz, 1000/roll)
19mm x 65mm Transparent Security Labels (RF 8.2MHz, 1000/roll)
19mm x 65mm Transparent Security Labels (RF 8.2MHz, 1000/roll)
19mm x 65mm Transparent Security Labels (RF 8.2MHz, 1000/roll)
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19mm x 65mm Transparent Security Labels (RF 8.2MHz, 1000/roll)

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Inexpensively safeguard your merchandise from theft by using transparent security labels as a practical solution that is less costly than security tags. Apply the clear label to your product while in inventory or while on the sales floor. There's no need to remove the label at checkout as it can be easily deactivated with a label deactivator. If a customer attempts to steal a product from your store, the activated transparent security label will trigger your Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) gates. Moreover, the clear appearance of the security label enables it to blend seamlessly with your product designs.



  • Works at a frequency of RF 8.2 MHz (Checkpoint compatible)
  • Long, rectangular shape: Transparent security labels are 65mm (2.5") in length and 19mm (0.75") in width.
  • Clear, transparent design with silver bordering underneath.
  • Lies flat onto products. These security labels are less than 0.1" thick.
  • Quick deactivation at cashier checkout with an RF label deactivator pad. (no removal necessary)
  • Highly adhesive and difficult to peel off.
  • 1000 labels per roll.


  • Versatile:  The transparent labels are versatile and work seamlessly with your current RF EAS system that operates at 8.2MHz frequency, which is the most common frequency used in the market. Integrating these labels into your store's existing anti-theft system is a breeze since they are compatible with any RF 8.2MHz system, including Checkpoint security systems.


  • Perfect Size:  These labels are an ideal fit for small boxed items, like cosmetics and stationery, and can be attached to your product without entirely concealing or covering it.


  • Classy, clear look:  The transparent label is outlined by a silver metallic underlay that encompasses the label. The transparent section of the label is made of a delicate plastic film. This guarantees that when the label is affixed to a product, it won't obstruct any of the product's visual features or descriptions.


  • Easy Application:  Transparent labels adhere smoothly onto products, much like any other sticker or label. They don't snag onto anything else, and shoplifters find them challenging to remove. They can blend in and camouflage effortlessly with your product. All that's required is to apply the transparent label wherever you desire.

  • Quick Deactivation:  Deactivating your security labels is an incredibly effortless process. All it takes is a few seconds to wave your security-labeled product over the deactivator located at the checkout counter. The label will be deactivated almost instantaneously, and it won't trigger an alarm as you pass through the EAS gates.


  • Tremendous Value:  By utilizing transparent labels, you can inexpensively and efficiently incorporate security labels into your store. Each roll of 1000 labels can safeguard a considerable amount of your merchandise, all for a fraction of the cost of other loss prevention solutions.


Common applications of transparent labels:

These transparent security labels are generally utilized on small-sized, low-risk boxed products, smooth and flat items, and other affordable items. These include:
  • Items that fit in small cosmetic boxes, like mascara, eyeliner, concealer, foundation, eyeshadow palettes, face masks, skincare products, travel-size fragrances, and others.
  • Grocery items that are small in size, such as limited edition imported candies and chocolates, chocolate boxes, smaller household items, and any other items that feature a small space that can be labeled.
  • Books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs.


***Please note: As labels are smaller than security tags, their range is also smaller. For higher-cost and higher-risk items we recommend you invest in security tags for that better detection range.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester