5 Reasons Why DOOH Marketing Will Take Off In 2022

by Charlotte Aksenchuk on March 08, 2022

By: Charlotte Aksenchuk

Digital out of home advertising was labelled one of the fastest growing advertising channels in 2021 and is experiencing rapid growth within the first quarter of 2022. OOH, or Out-Of-Home advertising are advertising channels like billboards, bus shelters and transit vehicles, to name a few. Digital Out-Of-Home advertising combines the broad audience of OOH advertising, with the analytics and hyper-targeted nature of online marketing – think Google and Facebook Ads, to consumers, in an offline channel.


1. Precise Targeting

DOOH advertising allows for hyper-targeted messaging to consumers. In comparison with the broad net that traditional OOH advertising has, DOOH advertising can go a lot further in terms of messaging. Reaching a specific audience with a targeted message, in a key, high volume location has a much higher impact, and is able to reach your idea customer. For example, playing ads for a after 5 pm to reach the crowd thinking about their dinner.


2. Better Insights

With a classic OOH channel, there isn’t really a way to get real-time audience insights, or any audience insights at all. DOOH ads can track the number of impressions, and plays on an ad. INEO Welcoming Systems have AI insights that track the number of plays, impressions, and other key metrics for your ad. This smart technology integration is helping bridge the gap between key insights normally reserved for online one-to-one advertising and bringing it offline to OOH advertising.


3. Content Interactions

While content interactions, such as clicks or video plays have been reserved for only online one to one marketing channels, consumers can now interact with DOOH ads at the time they are being seen. With elements such as QR codes, your consumers are interacting with ads in a way that was far less common in an OOH space. DOOH ads allows for companies to experiment with new and engaging ways to capture the attention of potential customers.


4. Advertising Made Accessible

OOH advertising used to be reserved for high-budget media and advertising companies with national clients. With more screens becoming available daily on the INEO Network, accessing DOOH advertising channels has never been easier. Reach more potential customers through DOOH ads, at a fraction of the price of before.


5. Retargeting
Taking one to one advertising offline has been a challenge to many advertisers before now. Reaching potential customers at various different points in their customer journeys are an impactful way to reengage them. In conjunction with online advertising, location-based DOOH channels can reengage customers through a cross-channel experience. Working together with content interactions, such as QR codes on DOOH screens, geotargeting through mobile ads when a customer is near a DOOH screen, can help facilitate more meaningful interactions.
The bottom line about DOOH advertising, is you’re able to reach customers at the right time, on a broad scale. DOOH advertising, combines one-to-many, adverting combines the best of both worlds of a broad reach, with the analytics of online marketing. To learn more about how DOOH advertising can boost your marketing efforts, reach out to FHalbach@ineosolutionsinc.com.