The INEO A208 Circuit Board is the most versatile and feature rich circuit board available for incorporating into Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems. Manufactured in Canada to precise specifications, the INEO A208 is available in 1.81MHz, 2.0MHz, 3.25MHz, 4.6MHz, 4.8MHz and 8.2MHz versions. The INEO A208 was originally designed by Karsten Pilested of Detectag, a world renowned EAS scientist and system designer. INEO Solutions Inc., based in British Columbia, Canada, now owns the worldwide rights to this marvelously designed technology.

                The swept frequency aspect of the INEO A208 Circuit Board makes it ideal for systems used to detect low cost hard tags and labels as it is able to pick up a range of frequencies around the primary frequency band. The tuning abilities on the board allow for solid sensitivity adjustments in order to eliminate signals from environmental factors. It comes with a built-in LED display which can give you alarm count as well as display the frequencies being detected.

                The INEO A208 comes with a recommended Antenna design however it is adaptable to many unique antenna designs. With the recommended antenna design, the INEO A208 has a range of 1.2-1.8m for hard tags and 1.0-1.3m for labels. This range can be modified based upon the tuning of the board in conjunction with the antenna design. Environmental factors in the location where the system is deployed will also impact range.

                The INEO A208 is an eco-friendly product, requiring only 200mA of power to operate. 

                The INEO A208 is backed by a 36-month warranty against defect or component failure. 

                INEO A208 EAS Circuit Boards (6)

                INEO A208 EAS Circuit Board - RF 8.2MHz Version


                INEO A208 EAS Circuit Board - RF 4.8MHz Version


                INEO A208 EAS Circuit Board - RF 4.6MHz Version


                INEO A208 EAS Circuit Board - RF 3.25MHz Version


                INEO A208 EAS Circuit Board - RF 2.0MHz Version


                INEO A208 EAS Circuit Board - RF 1.81MHz Version

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